Kapitan Li Wei King

Kapitan Chan Ki Lock

Kapitan Chua Su Cheong

Kapitans played an important role in the history of the Chinese in Malaysia. They wielded considerable influence, contributing to social, economic and political development in areas under their jurisdiction. Among Chinese settlements in the Malay Peninsula, Malacca was the oldest and most established, with an illustrious line of Kapitans.

Chinese Kapitans of Malacca

1. Kapitan Tay Hong Yong alias Tay Kie Ki (1572-1617) *

2. Kapitan Li Wei King alias Koon Chang (1614-1688)

3. Kapitan Lee Chiang Hou alias Chong Kian (1662-1708)

4. Kapitan Chan Ki Lock alias Chan Lak Kua (1643-1718)

5. Kapitan Chan Hian Kway alias Kwang Hwee (1725-1765)

6. Kapitan Tan Seng Yong (1703-1784)

7. Kapitan Tan Ki Hou alias Siang Lian (1748-1794)

8. Kapitan Chua Su Cheong alias Tok Ping (1750-1802)

9. Kapitan Chan Yew Liang alias Keng Sin (1771-1882)

10. Kapitan Chan Say Hong alias Fook Lin

* There has been much dissent amongst writers on who was the first Kapitan China and the year of birth and death of Kapitan Tay.