Paintings known as “Chai Hui” or frescoes adorn part of the walls, roof ridges, and gables. These
illustrate scenes from Chinese classics. Like some sections of the Chien Nien, past amateurish
attempts at repainting the murals had caused considerable damage.
Most of the Chai Hui at the gable ends had deteriorated due to harsh weathering. Using the
remaining images for clues about which classic scenes to portray, the artist managed
to restore the chai hui to its original splendour.

At the time of the restoration, only one small area on the left gable wall had the original Chai Hui.
The restoration team decided to preserve this section as it was. By looking at the original
drawings on the panels opposite the unrestored panel, the restoration team was able to
determine which scenes would adorn it. Traditional methods were used for the
wall paintings. The artist breathed new life into the murals.