During the restoration to the main building, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple could not close its
doors to devotees, as it is central to the daily life of the community. As a temporary measure,
the deities were moved from the main prayer hall to a side bay, a decision made after
consulting the Chief Monk.

The relocation was conducted with pomp and ceremony befitting its importance – the deities being moved for the first time in the temple's recorded history. Through chants and prayers, the monks formally invited the deities to their new but temporary altar.

After one and a half years, the main prayer hall was ready to welcome back the principal deities.

On 10 January 2001, the Chief Abbot of Malaysia Seck Chek Huang, led a group of 12 monks in performing the jin dian or “entering the shrine” ceremony. The Trustees and devotees, who joined in special prayers to mark the auspicious occasion, witnessed this.

The placement of Kwan Yin and other deities to their original setting is an important milestone for Cheng Hoon Teng and its devotees. The event marks the completion of the main temple’s restoration and the beginning of a new chapter in the illustrious history of Malaysia’s oldest Chinese temple.